March 25th 2023 Auction Highlights

Rare 18/19th Century Quilled Double Lane Knife Sheath. Some visible quillwork missing, stitching is intact. Measures in length at 10 1/2“. This piece is worthy of a Museum or of a personal collection!

Price realized 9,200.00

Backside of the Quilled Sheath. Some noticeable wear on the hide (through hole).

Rare 18/19th Century Quilled Shot Pouch. Some visible quillwork missing, little void of stitchwork on the left side wrap. Two sections of tin cones (all intact). Vibrant colors. Measures in length w/o cones 10 1/2 Museum quality & worthy!


Backside of the Quilled Shot Pouch. Hide is in visible great condition.

Exceptional Condition Beaded Awl Case w/ five sections of tin cones (all intact). Vibrant in color (light blue, dark blue & white). Measure in length w/ bottom cones at 13″.

Exquisite Beaded Moccasins. Vibrant in color (blue, white & burgundy on rim and flaps. Dorsal region of the moccasins show light blue, green and pink. Some visible void in beads, and stitchwork. Measure w/o strands on heal at 8 1/2″.


Bottom side of Moccasins show little wear.

Early Beaded Whetstone Case. Vibrant in color (Blue, Burgundy, Navy and White). Master bead black in color shown at top of cap. Visible void in beadwork and coloration of beads. Two sections of tin cones. Twirled tassel to add to the character. Measures w/o cones and cap bead at 3 1/2″.

Backside of the Whetstone Case.

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